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Tue, Feb. 14th, 2006, 02:14 pm
immoline2: Introduction

Hi all,
Name and/or Journal: Fiona / Immoline2
Role (Bride, Groom, other): Bride
Age: 28
City/State/Country: Cape town South africa
Heritage: Indian born in South africa
Wedding Date: 6th May 2006
Number of guests: 80
Venue: The Castle of Good Hope
Personal wedding website: http://www.weddingsutra.com/Eugene_Fiona/
The pic is awful/ but its where he popped the question.
How'd you meet your fiance: at our last job together.
What's your story: 'Gene and I have been together for 540 days today. very happy ones too.
Yeah, and the drama of trying to plan a wedding without resources is well.. dramatic.
We've got the cook, the decor guy, the minister, the venue, the outfits, a piper(can you believe!) and thats about it. the favours are done, the invites will be soon, and of course I have the list of photographers in my hot little hand. No rings yet I'm afraid, or video guy. In fact at these prices I am seriously considering buying a camcorder since it will cost less. I am seriously in full blown panic mode.

Um yeah..and its 81 days or 11 weeks and three days to go.....

Thu, Feb. 16th, 2006 11:36 pm (UTC)
_bridezilla_: Re: Kya aap kese he? (I know I didnt spell that right!)

Omg! It sounds so beautiful!!!! Im adding you to my friends list on my other journal