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Fri, Feb. 17th, 2006, 09:56 am
immoline2: Printed Invites! and budget woes

Oh I am SOO stoked.
My invites are printed. Just 15 sheets, since I only need 30 invites and they are A5 in size.
Now I need to get the order of service sheets finalised.
I can buy more paper this weekend and then print them next week. Thank God for photoshop.
and online manuals.
and I must do a few mehandhi night invites.
Now its just to plan my budget to the last cent, and figure out how to max my credit card at the last possible moment, so that payments are only due end of May when I get paid again. I wish that Eugene would get a bit more work right now. I need him to do at least enough to cover the rings.
Otherwise maybe I should forgo the 18Kwhite and go for silver instead. Perhaps then we can upgrade to plat in a few years. It is after all only symbolic, and werent most celtic rings silver anyway?
My engagement ring is silver, and I have oodles of gold because I'm the only girl and i never wear any of it. When he has a better income, he can buy me gold. And if I dont tell my family that its not gold, how are they going to know anyway? Nobody is going to see the receipts and its not their business anyway, since they are not helping to pay for the wedding.