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Mon, Dec. 5th, 2005, 05:26 pm
daiseefut: Intro!

Name and/or Journal: Cass daiseefut
Role (Bride, Groom, other): Bride
Age: Me: 24, him: 25
City/State/Country: Honolulu, HI
Heritage: Chinese
Wedding Date: December 2006
Number of guests: 400-500 (I'm the oldest daughter, and he's the oldest son >.<)
Personal wedding website:
How'd you meet your fiance: He lived across the street from me for about 2 years and then I asked him to go to my junior prom (I went to an all-girls highschool, so I had no choice) on April 1st. He thought I was kidding at first. haha
How long have you been together: 7 years, 8 months
What's your story: Wanting a small wedding, but it's NOT possible!

Thu, Nov. 10th, 2005, 01:13 pm
daiseefut: Help with wedding invitations

Does anyone know where I can find cheap (under $1.00/ea.) double happiness charms in silver(not sterling silver, just a silver color) or plastic? I'm thinking of putting them as part of my invitations. Any help would be appreciated!


Mon, Oct. 3rd, 2005, 03:12 pm
_unalike: (no subject)

I'm trying to think of some wedding gifts for my parents and my fiances parents. Kind of like a thank you thing. But can't come up with anything! I searched google but only found very out dated plaques and such.
Any ideas?

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Thu, Sep. 29th, 2005, 06:26 am
bollywoodbabe: semi -Indian wedding...

Hey guys.
Name: Anita. Journal: Bollywoodbabe (havent updated forever...!)
Role: Bride
Age: 32
Country: Brisbane, Australia
Heritage: FAther: Indian. Mother: Irish
Wedding date: Mar 06
No of guests: 35-45 (waiting on confirmations)
Webstie: n/a
How met fiance: Through friends, love at first sight, smitten for 2 years+. He's Aussie.

Heres the deal.

Were marrying here in australia (where Ive lived for over 10 years) on a beach - very common here. Were unconventional (my fiance is quite the hippy) and dont want any formality - barefoot ceremony, simple as poss. I desperately want it relaxed as possible, and for me, that means not having my parents there, because a) theyve split up and would be a nightmare b) we arent at all close c) my father, who's very dominating, would try and take over. He has a bad track record on this.

My problem is how to tell them tactfully, (only just got engaged) or invite them but make it unnattractive....Thinking that saying were going back to Ireland later next year to celebrate with them might help, and stressing that what were having here will be very informal. Im worried that Ill cave in on the phone and that one or both will come, have expectations of something much more elaborate than we want and Ill be stressed to the max.

Secondly, i am proud of my Indian heritage, and would like to incorporate some indian rituals into the ceremony. Like maybe exchange of garlands, or daubing of henna paste, and definetly hennaed hands/feet. Im leaning towards getting married in white or ivory (but simple and prob without any train or veil -not great on a beach). However, Id also like to wear Indian clothing at some point. Sari seems too tricky (Ive barely ever worn one) --maybe instead a lengha choli (cropped fitted top and long swirly skirt plus throw.) The thing is that we arent having a formal reception as such but instead a BBQ or dinner at a restaurant. Is it really diva-ish to change into a second outfit for that? Im getting used to the idea, but would love some feedback from someone who swapped outfits in a restaurant bathroom!!

Plus would love to hear of anyone who's been in a similar position.


Thu, Sep. 8th, 2005, 03:19 pm
slurpee: Bridal Magazines

I just wanted to share a GREAT FIND! For those of you with upcoming weddings, or helping to plan one, or just love sifting through wedding magazines:

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One year Subscription to BRIDAL GUIDE for $3.69 6 issues/year (cover price $29.70, Amazon deal $9.97)

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TODAY ONLY UNTIL NOON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2005, he has graciously offered one of the following COMPLIMENTARY 1-yr magazine subscription if you let him know I referred you (JUST WRITE "REFERRED BY LISA" IN THE PAYPAL NOTES):

Rolling Stone
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Great gift subscriptions to your fiance or bride friend too. You must choose one and specify all of this in your PAYPAL notes ("referred by Lisa," complimentary magazine title, shipping addresses).

An additional BONUS: If you purchase all three magazine listings, he will include a 1 year subscription to MODERN BRIDE magazine (6 issues/yr). You must also let him know this in the Paypal comment box (i.e., purchased all 3, please send Modern Bride to the same address).

All special promotional gift magazines are good only until tomorrow, Friday Sept 9 by noon. Please ask him directly if you have questions, as I am just spreading the word on the great deal. I was just able to secure some extra freebies for you all since this is such a big community. You'll be paying less than $20 for 5 magazines! Or you can purchase separately as well, and still get a complimentary subscription to one of the above listings (just make sure you specify it). If you do not have a Paypal account, please message him on ebay and ask him for other forms of payment. More info on his listings or ebay page.

Hope this helps!

Sun, Sep. 4th, 2005, 11:27 pm
_unalike: (no subject)

Name and/or Journal: Miranda
Role (Bride, Groom, other): Bride
Age: 20
City/State/Country:victoria, bc , canada
Heritage: chinese + caucasian
Wedding Date: summer '06 no exact date set yet
Number of guests: 200
Personal wedding website: should i have one of those?!
How'd you meet your fiance: new years
How long have you been together: 8 months
Picture: http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y216/mirandaryan/tofinoaug076.jpg

Wed, Aug. 10th, 2005, 11:24 pm
lildemented: (no subject)

Hi everyone :)

LOL, I just got off the phone about my mom after an argument (possibly it was just me loosing my temper because she keeps asking me to change my wedding favors *eye roll*) and did some random searching for wedding LJs .. so OMG perfect timing (I sooooo need advice from the cultural standpoint, will have to take some pics later of the favors and post!)

Let's see .. the intro details :

Name and/or Journal: Thori
Role (Bride, Groom, other): Bride
Age: 31
City/State/Country: San Francisco, California
Heritage: Chinese

Wedding Date: eh.. sometime next year *heh* Sept or Oct
Number of guests: unknown, both sets of parents want the HUGE banquet type of thing though, they're thinking somewhere between 300 - 500, I'm hoping that they're just over excited though.
Personal wedding website: n/a, maybe later :)

How'd you meet your fiance: In high school, kept in touch on and off through college and got back together when we both moved back to SF around the same time :)

How long have you been together: We've known each other for a good ten years now but it's been a pretty casual relationship while we were away in different cities for college.

What's your story: We're going with a civil ceremony and then giving the parents their banquet, both of us are casual and would really rather put the money into savings instead tho *heh*

Sun, Aug. 7th, 2005, 07:49 pm
iliana_sedai: who to invite to the big to-do

Anyone else struggle with how NOT to invite everyone to the Chinese wedding banquet?

I really want my mother's relatives, my father's father's relatives, and, ahhh, about 1/3 of my father's mother's (hereafter, my grandmother's) relatives.

My grandmother's relatives don't get along with each other. Her father had, ahhhhhm, a wife and two concubines. Her mother was the first wife and she has four (immediate, full) siblings, all with children and grandchildren. I want to invite them. However, they all don't get along with most of the other 9 "half" siblings and their children and grandchildren (about 60 potential guests), and every time they go to a wedding they just ... insult each other underhandedly.

I really want to draw the line and not invite them. However, my mother says, "If you send out printed invitations, you HAVE to invite them! Otherwise, you can't send out invitations and you can't have a 'wedding' banquet."

Well, I WANT a proper wedding banquet. Has anyone else figured out a good way to do this? Or do I have to be stuck with either inviting the awful guests, or not having a banquet at all?

Sun, Aug. 7th, 2005, 05:28 pm
iliana_sedai: (no subject)

Name and/or Journal: iliana_sedai
Role (Bride, Groom, other): bride
Age: 25
City/State/Country: Wedding will be in the UK
Heritage: Chinese
Wedding Date: 04.01.05 (US), 01.04.05 (UK)
Number of guests: 100 - 150
Personal wedding website: not up yet
How'd you meet your fiance: too long to tell
How long have you been together: 4 years

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