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Asian Brides

For Asian brides planning weddings and brides planning Asian weddings

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No, we're not an online mail order bride agency. This community is open to all Asian brides or brides with Asian wedding themes. (Men are welcome too.) It's a place for people to trade tips about where to find takeout box favors, who makes cheongsams, how to perform a tea ceremony, when to change into your traditional dress. Feel free to post pictures, ideas, advice, share websites, etc. As a member of the community, kindly observe the following rules:

  • Be respectful and considerate of other members. Everyone has a different way of doing things, you may not necessarily agree with it but that's okay. Offer your opinion in a calm, rational manner. No need for personal attacks - anyone caught doing so will be given a warning the first time, then banned subsequently.

  • No profanity, please... or at least not too much.

  • Put large pictures (above 400 pixels on any side) and multiple images under an LJ-cut.

  • Please keep your posts relevant to wedding planning. Cultural questions and rants (eg. about difficult Asian parents) are welcome as well. Anything else should go under a cut.

  • No spam or advertising, please.

All new members, please introduce yourself with this survey -

Name and/or Journal:
Role (Bride, Groom, other):
Wedding Date:
Number of guests:
Personal wedding website:
How'd you meet your fiance:
How long have you been together:
What's your story:

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Please contact the maintainer, wildorchids, if you have any suggestions or problems.